19 Years of Professional Massage Cologne

A throwback at a success story

19 years of Massage in Cologne - Massage practice anniversary in September 2023

Cologne, [15.09.2023] - Sissi Groß's practice for body therapy and massage in Cologne celebrated a remarkable anniversary: on September 15, 2023, the practice celebrated its 19th anniversary. For almost two decades, Sissi Groß has been offering high-quality massages and therapy treatments in the heart of Cologne in the Belgian Quarter.

19 years of professional Massage Cologne - a look back at a success story

Since 2004, the Practice for Massage and Body Therapy - Sissi Groß has been an important point of contact for people looking for holistic health and well-being. Sissi Groß, an experienced body therapist, massage therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, has accompanied numerous clients over the years on their path to greater relaxation, physical well-being and mental balance.
In these 19 years, Sissi Groß has continuously expanded her massage treatment options in Cologne and developed new innovative treatment methods such as Myoenergetik®. This unique blend of massage, acupressure, osteopathy and meridian therapy has helped many people to solve muscular problems, find relaxation and improve their physical health.
"I am touched that I have been able to accompany my clients/patients on their path to greater well-being for almost two decades," says Sissi Groß. "My career has continued to develop and my practice has become a place of healing possibilities and relaxation. I look forward to continuing to make my contribution to society in the coming years by improving the health and well-being of my clients and patients."
Sissi Groß's 19 years of experience and dedication make the massage and body therapy practice a trusted point of contact for people in Cologne and beyond. With a wide range of massage treatments, psychological services and specialised therapy approaches, the practice is well prepared to meet the needs of its clients/patients.


Practice for massage and body therapy Sissi Groß
Moltkestrasse 87
50674 Cologne

Phone: +49 (0)157 39 54 79 37
E-mail: tt-Y0Nn2xd-Fxd+b0cTZxcWY0tM@nospam
Website: www.sissi-gross.de
I am at your disposal for further information and appointments. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a professional massage in Cologne.

Directions to the practice for body therapy and massage in Cologne

Please note that my practice for body therapy, massage therapy and massage in Cologne is located in the middle of the Belgian Quarter and parking is very limited. If you plan to visit my practice by car, I recommend that you allow sufficient time to find a parking space and, if necessary, to walk from the parking lot to the practice. Alternatively, my practice is also easy to reach by public transport (lines 1 and 7). I look forward to welcoming you to my massage and body therapy practice for a massage in Cologne.

Sissi Groß