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Practice for Massage and
Body Therapy
Sissi Groß

Body therapist / massage therapist
Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
Massage Cologne

Practice for Massage and
Body Therapy
Sissi Groß

Body therapist / massage therapist
Naturopath for Psychotherapy
Massage Cologne

Cologne massage treatment room, practice for massage in Cologne, Belgian Quarter

It is the heart that gives, 
the hands only give.

Saying from Zaire

Myoenergetik® Massage Treatments

   Myoenergetik® (massage / acupressure / osteopathy / meridian therapy)

Myoenergetik® is a blend of massage, acupressure, osteopathy and meridian therapy and offers the opportunity to explore a space that invites us to listen and feel into our bodies. The calming rhythm of Myoenergetics can support us in finding the place of inner peace that we all naturally carry within us. The structure of this treatment method is unique, in terms of the confluence of acupressure, gentle deblocking of the joints, stroking of the main meridians and self-developed massage techniques to detonate overstrained muscle areas.

Taking into account anatomical principles as well as the energetic and neurological system of the human body, Myoenergetik® can be used in many different ways depending on the focus of the treatment.

Myoenergetik® can be applied to the whole body or specifically to limited areas of the body that require increased attention.

Myoenergetik® can be used individually for specific indications, such as muscular, neuromuscular dysfunctions, for pure physiological prevention or for mental and physical relaxation.

Myoenergetik® is based on a client-centred body-therapeutic treatment concept, trademarked and conceived by Sissi Groß, massage therapist in Cologne.

   Myoenergetik® complemented by hot lava stones

The body is manually prepared myoenergetically; then areas, such as the muscles of the back, are massaged with hot lava stones.

The effect is profound, as the stones moved with pressure stretch the muscles, the heat of the stones can penetrate into the depths of the muscle fibres and the metabolism is stimulated within the muscles.

   Prenatal Myoenergetik® (pregnancy massage)

A deeply relaxing treatment for the expectant mother from the 13th week. 

During pregnancy, the body undergoes constant physical transformation. The statics of the spine change as the pregnancy progresses due to the weight pulling forward, resulting in muscular and energetic ambivalences. 

Prenatal myoenergetics has a balancing effect in relation to the increased strain on the joints and muscles. 

The positive body sensation of the pregnant woman during the treatment is transferred to the growing foetus.

   Myoenergetik® for children

(from the age of 7, accompanied by a parent).

Children of school age are subject to enormous mental challenges. At the same time, growth spurts have a physical effect on the adolescents. Myoenergetik® is introduced to the little ones in a trustworthy, playful and child-friendly way.

In this way, this treatment can promote awareness and joy in one's own body already in childhood.

Massage treatments

   Chi Nei Tsang (detox massage, inner organ massage)

Every thought, every feeling and every event is stored in the cells of our body. Our life paths are complex. Strokes of fate, constant stress, grief, trauma and losses shape us emotionally and physically on many levels. Deep impressions need an expression. When we lose balance in this sense, our body stores unprocessed feelings.

These manifest as blockages in our organs, nervous system, joints, muscles and subconscious. This in turn influences our psyche. 



Lack of emotional life processing is one of the main reasons we are ill. 

We cannot let go of emotions until we have really experienced them, only then can we grow out of them.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) a millennium old form of body therapy, created by Chinese Taoist monks, focuses on the abdomen and the ENS (autonomic nervous system), the bridge into our subconscious. 

The similarity of our small intestine compared to the brain, CNS (central nervous system), is visually startling. Scientifically proven, the ENS can exist without the CNS, conversely the central nervous system is not functional when the ENS fails. So the ENS has an intelligence of its own.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) helps to support the organ system in the detoxification process, to stimulate the lymphatic flow and also to release blockages of an energetic and emotional nature.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) works in the subconscious. Old unprocessed emotions can come to the surface, be consciously processed and thus help us to gain more vitality and quality of life.

After the manual Chi Nei Tsang treatment, a follow-up consultation 3-4 days later is recommended. Please feel free to make an appointment in my practice for massage therapy in Cologne in the Belgian Quarter.

   Sen therapy (acupressure of the meridians / main energy lines)

Pure acupressure of the main meridians and trigger points of the human body without the use of oils. The mode of action of Sen therapy is strongly energising and counteracts muscular tension.

   Foot reflexology massage according to the traditional Loi Kroh technique

Our feet carry us through our lives. They make us walk, run, hop, dance and sometimes stumble. 

They are worth paying attention to. With foot reflexology massage according to the traditional Loi Kroh technique, the "human macrosystem" is addressed via the "foot microsystem" through acupressure of the foot reflex zones. The entire organism is addressed and brought into balance.

Psychological services

Sissi Groß

Sissi Groß - Köln - Praxis für Massagetherapie

  • Born 1973
  • A-levels, Dietrich - Bonhoeffer - Grammar School, Wiehl
  • Naturopath for psychotherapy
  • Study of Sports Science, German Sport University Cologne
  • Basic training Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage, Loi Kroh Institute, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Diploma, Sen-Therapy - Diploma, Nuad Bo - Rarn, ITM Institute, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Specialisation in Meridian Therapy and Foot Reflexology, Loi Kroh Institute, Chiang Mai

  • Advanced training seminar Ayurveda - Massage, Cologne
  • Advanced training seminar HotStone, Hamburg
  • Introductory seminar "Trager®" psycho-physical integration and Mentastics, Cologne
  • Training as Chi Nei Tsang therapist, with Coocky Tassanee Boonsom, Loi Kroh Institute, internship Chi Nei Tsang with Khun Ni, Chiang Mai
  • Self-employed in the field of body therapy and massage, Melbourne and Byron Bay, Australia, 2002-2003

  • Establishment of own practice for Massage Cologne in the Belgian Quarter, Cologne, 2004 [read more]
  • Developer of the body-therapeutic treatment method Myoenergetik®, trademark protected 2008
  • Introductory seminar Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, Liquid Light Akademie, Cologne
  • Advanced training in 2015: Myofascial Triggerpoint Therapy, Strain-/Counterstrain (Osteopathy), Treatment of Tenderpoints, Cupping, Cologne
  • Course, ESSM, Budapest 2015: Course, scientific program in sexual regards, disorders.


Treatment fee

Private health insurance companies usually cover my services (massage therapy/heat therapy) if a doctor's prescription is available.


A short preliminary talk / follow-up talk regarding massage / body therapy is not charged.


Fee exempt from VAT according to §4 No. 14 UStG.

Treatment fee self-payer:


30 min. / 60€

40 min. / 70€

60 min. / 95€

90 min. / 120€

120 min. / 170€


Heat therapy (hot stone/ warm pack) additional: 15€/10€


Psychotherapeutic services:

Naturopath for psychotherapy since 2012

Initial telephone consultation: free of charge
Anamnesis and first therapy session: 90 min. / 150€
Follow-up therapy unit: 60 min. / 105€


Status: February 2023
Subject to change without notice.

Mobile massage Cologne / home visits:

In exceptional cases, mobile assignments are possible against additional payment for travel time.

Terms and Conditions: 

Appointment cancellations: 24 hours before the agreed appointment; same day appointment cancellations: 50% cancellation fee;

Missed appointment: 100% cancellation fee

Customer testimonials

Sissi's massage practice in Cologne was recommended to us by friends and it was an absolute top recommendation. There is something absolutely special about a massage with Sissi. Sissi takes a lot of time in advance to clarify any areas of focus and advises in a simple and understandable way what kind of massage she recommends. This advice decelerates you in advance and you don't just lie on the (incidentally well-tempered) couch "stressed out".

The massage itself is simply great. Sissi finds exactly the right strength to perform a pleasant but also helpful application. Problem areas discussed in advance are treated more intensively. You can choose between different oils yourself, and Sissi always makes a good recommendation here too. 

After the massage, you have enough time to come back to the here and now. There is a delicious tea and you don't feel stressed to finish quickly. I always enjoy coming back!


Jochen S.

For me, the gold standard among massage therapists in Cologne!

Sissi was recommended to me by my family doctor a few years ago and I have been going to her regularly ever since. And I have never regretted taking the long way for myself.

I had already tried many things before: Tuina, Thai, classical... and of course many therapists. The great thing about Sissi is that she has a very broad spectrum and can apply very different techniques according to individual needs. In particular, the myoenergetics she has developed have been very successful with my tension in the neck area. But also the addition of hot stones, cupping or the wonderful aromatic oils increases the well-being enormously. 

And Sissi herself is a warm-hearted, open person. As soon as you enter the shop, the pleasant atmosphere envelops you....both people with serious health problems, but also people looking for relaxation are in good hands here.


Bettina H.

Sissi is not only a great masseuse / body therapist, but also a very pleasant and nice person.

The city could do with more like her. In times of big city jungle and anonymity, a real personal and health bright spot. I felt comfortable in the practice right from the start. Whereby "feel-good place" is a better description. 

Thank you Sissi, see you next time!!!


Theo B.


Do not follow in the footsteps of the masters: 
Seek what they sought.

Bashô (Japanese poet)

Do not follow in the footsteps of the masters: 
Seek what they sought.

Bashô (Japanese poet)


Practice for Massage and Body Therapy
Sissi Groß

Address: Moltkestraße 87, 50674 Köln
Phone: +49 (0)157 39 54 79 37

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