Myoenergetik® Massage Cologne

Massage, acupressure, osteopathy and meridian therapy

I am delighted to welcome you to my practice for body therapy and massage in Cologne!

I offer my services as a body therapist, massage therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy.
I offer various massage treatments to support you in recognising your body and relaxing.

Myoenergetik® Massage Cologne

My focus is on the application of Myoenergetik® massage as one of my most important massage methods, which I developed myself.

This technique combines massage, acupressure, osteopathy and meridian therapy in a unique way. By applying gentle unblocking of the joints, strokes along the main meridians and specially developed massage techniques, relaxation can be achieved in overstrained muscle regions. It is possible to apply this treatment method either to the whole body or to specific areas of the body as required. It is suitable for the treatment of muscular and neuromuscular disorders, but also for pure physiological prevention or for mental and physical relaxation.

One way to make the Myoenergetik® massage in Cologne even more effective is to supplement it with hot lava stones. These are incorporated into the massage to relieve tension and stimulate the metabolism, allowing the radiant heat to penetrate deep into the muscle fibres.


Pregnancy massage / pre-natal massage from the 13th week of pregnancy 

From the 2nd trimester onwards, I also offer expectant mothers customised massage therapy during their pregnancy.

The body goes through constant changes during pregnancy, which can lead to possible muscular and energetic imbalances. One way to correct these imbalances and promote a positive body sensation during pregnancy is to use prenatal Myoenergetik® massage.


Myoenergetik® massage for children

Children from the age of 7 are also very welcome. Myoenergetik® treatments are introduced to the little ones in a playful and child-orientated way, in the presence of a parent, which can promote body awareness in growth and enjoyment of one's own body.


Detox massage / internal organ massage Cologne

In addition to my Myoenergetik® treatments, I also offer various other massages, one of which is the Chi Nei Tsang massage. Chi Nei Tsang massage focuses on the abdominal area and the autonomic nervous system. It can support the body's detoxification process and help to release blockages.

You can also receive a Sen therapy from me, in which we use acupressure to stimulate the main meridians and trigger points of your body.


Foot reflexology according to the Loi Kroh technique in Cologne

I also offer foot reflexology based on the traditional Loi Kroh technique to rebalance your entire organism


Burnout prevention and therapy / life counselling in crises

In addition to my work as a massage therapist, I also offer psychotherapeutic services. These include burnout prevention measures and treatment for existing burnout. I am also available for counselling in bereavement situations and for short-term counselling in difficult phases of life. I have also specialised in the implementation of humanistic conversational psychotherapy.


I look forward to welcoming you to my practice in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne.

To give your body and mind the gift of relaxation, I cordially invite you to make an appointment for one of my massage treatments.

Sissi Groß